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Highest Quality CBD Products

Fredericksburg, Texas

As CEO of Blind Hippie Creations, it is my great pleasure to WELCOME you to the Highest Quality CBD products offered anywhere!

 Our company is located in South Texas, where everything is BIGGER!

CBD products seem to be everywhere...but I question the quality of some or well most of these brands.

This is why Blind Hippie Creations will ONLY provide our customers with

The Very Best

Highest Quality

3rd Party Lab Tested

Vape Cartridges      ◊      Tinctures      ◊      Hemp Infused Gummies

Lotions      ◊      Disposable Vape Pens      ◊      Wax

And Much More!


Delta-8 THC      Delta-9 THC      Delta-10 THC

CBG        CBN        HHC

CBD  Cannabidiol Oil

And As Our Labs Discover New Hemp-Infused Products, They Will Become Available As Well

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