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Blind Hippie Creations

About the Blind Hippie Creator


"Dude" is BLIND... Only 5% of his vision remaining.  

"Dude" is a product of the 60's. Drugs, Alcohol and Rock N Roll. Unfortunately, he became an addict and an alcoholic and lived, like many hippies, a VERY TOUGH life.  Today he is PROUD to say that he has been BOTH clean and sober for over 35 Years!!!  

Due to a genetic eye disorder, he began to lose his eyesight in 2016 and will go totally blind. However, still a hippie, he started to create custom tie dye with the help of special vision assisting tools.  

Being disabled is rough on a old hippie!!!    

In order to provide income, "Dude" has found both enjoyment and fulfillment in creating tie dye clothing, candles, and Brand "NEW" Blind Hippie Aromatherapy, Soaps, Lotions, Reed Diffusers, Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, Incense,at this time of his Life.  How long can "Dude" continue his hand made creations?  Only GOD knows...  

But for now we are all blessed that he can!