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Blind Hippie Creations

Products by "Dude"

Blind Hippie Tie Dye


  This is Not your Typical Tie Dye... Each one custom created by "Dude"

 "Dude" uses only fiber reactive procion type dye. Brilliant, mouth-watering and permanent! They don't fade, even after several washings...  "Dude" uses a special technique called ICE DYE. This technique sets the dye giving it a more vibrant color... also, more difficult and more expensive. He uses only the best cotton V neck shirts by BELLA+CANVAS.  "Dude" hand makes ALL of these custom tie dye shirts by himself.   

Blind Hippie Candles


  Losing his vision, "Dude' came to find out that his other senses became much greater, his hearing and sense of smell were noticeably much better than they had ever been...especially his keen sense of smell!!! "Dude" uses that gift of smell to create his own fragrance oils for his Blind Hippie Candles. These candles are like no other... both the cold and hot throw are the very best possible. "Dude" uses only the very best soy wax, best wicks that will assure the longest burn times, and the most environmentally safe products.  Some of "Dude's" most popular scents are called Love, Peace, Cowboy, Jasmine, Lavender, Fierce, Patchouli, Butt Naked, Tropical, Love Spell and Sexy as Hell. 


The proper way to burn Blind Hippie Candles, keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch each time you light them, burn for 3 hours and blow them out. This will extend the life of each candle.  Blind Hippie Candles are offered in 2 Sizes....9 oz. straight sided jar with black metal lid, and the most popular 16 oz, country style jar with/wooden wick, that give a crackling sound when burning, and a wooden lid. Again all hand made by "Dude"